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Contractor Accountants Manchester

contractor accountants manchester

FOCUS ON THIS: and not piles of paperwork and returns


We are expert contractor accountants in Manchester, helping contractors and sub contractors file their CIS –  Construction Industry Scheme returns – and manage their tax obligations.


Construction Industry Scheme requirements can be time consuming and a cause of stress and worry.


However, they are also essential, a HMRC requirement with severe penalties possible for those who fail to file in a timely manner.


However, they add to the overall burden of filing . There might also be VAT to file, tax returns and other accounting requirements.


We can ensure you file on time, in the correct format.


Tax Efficiency For Manchester Contractors


We also work with businesses, sole traders contractors and more to ensure that they are only paying the tax they are obliged to pay, while claiming all they are entitled to, keeping their tax burden to a minimum.


Kays Accountants have been established for more than 20 years, serving Manchester, Lancashire and the north west.


We are a family run business that specialises in small and medium sized businesses as well as sole traders and freelancers.


We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand a client’s needs and then help them get all aspects in order, construction industry returns included, as required.


Experienced Builder and Contractor Accountants Manchester


Working with many builders and contractors in Manchester, we are aware the added burden filing CIS returns creates.


Many clients come to us with books that are not in the best order, they might just have a sense that they need to get their accounts in order.


We are happy to work with clients who need any level of service – be that occasional help and checking with Construction Industry Scheme returns or a more complete help with all aspects of filing to HMRC, payroll and book-keeping.


As with all good accountants using us should save you money. It ensures you have all requirements covered and so you no longer spend time worrying about filing and checking how to file. This time can instead be used to run your business, chase leads and carry out paid work.


Furthermore, we are experts in helping builders and contractors claim for all they are entitled to and only pay the tax they have to.


Remove Stress of Construction Industry Scheme Returns


Construction Industry Scheme returns can seem one of the most burdensome requirements, checking subcontractors are registered with HMRC and then deducting the right amount of tax and filing monthly to HMRC.


However, once a good routine is established it can become a straightforward part of your ongoing admin and a part that is overseen by the accountant.


As with all forms of filing, there is no need to get  stressed. Instead, talk to us.


Kays Accountants, we are that superb, experienced accountancy firm, one that specialises in dealing with people who work in construction in Manchester with returns such as yours.


Based in Whitefield, Manchester, we would be delighted to arrange an initial conversation at a time suitable to you.

Please contact us on 0161 280 2433


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