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We offer complete and expert accountancy services in Manchester and beyond for small businesses. Whether you’re a private individual, a sole trader, or own a limited company, choosing the right accounting firm in Manchester is of utmost importance. Here at Kays Accountants we pride ourselves on offering an all-encompassing accountancy service that you can trust. We’ve been helping to support businesses and individuals in the Greater Manchester area for upwards of twenty years and our accounting knowledge is second to none.

These are our main areas of expertise:


Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or a limited company, making sure your tax return to HMRC is both on time and correct, is of huge importance. Trusting Kays Accountants will benefit you by ensuring your tax planning is organised, with no nasty financial surprises along the way.


As well as saving you lots of time and effort, we will also make sure that you’re properly claiming everything you’re entitled to, helping you to avoid paying too much. Tax is a complicated subject and by using the professionals here at Kays Accountants, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your tax affairs are in order, with accurate and timely calculations.

See our tax accounting services for small businesses in and around Manchester


If you run a business and have employees, it’s imperative you submit your payroll details to HMRC, accurately and on time, to avoid any penalties or charges. Our work will match your specific needs and whether you pay your staff weekly, fortnightly or monthly, we can produce your payslips and ensure HMRC are efficiently dealt with.


By instructing Kays Accountants as your payroll provider, you’ll be fully compliant with HMRC and your employees will benefit from a smooth and consistent process when being paid.

See our payroll services for Manchester businesses


CIS returns are another HMRC requirement that will see you struck with severe penalties if you don’t submit them accurately and on time. Fortunately, Kays Accountants are very experienced at helping contractors and sub-contractors with their CIS returns.


Perhaps you’re looking for support to save time, or maybe you want added confidence that your CIS returns will always be accurate and properly submitted? If you’re a contractor or sub-contractor, here at Kays Accountants we’d be delighted to help you with your CIS returns.

See our contractor accountancy services in Manchester


Whether your VAT returns are straight forward, and you just need a little assistance from us to help with the process, or if your VAT returns are far more complicated and you’d benefit from full support, Kays Accountants can provide a bespoke service.


We can also help you evaluate and decide whether you would benefit from registering for VAT submissions, even if you don’t lawfully need to. Our advice on the subject could help save you a lot of money.


 More Information on Vat Returns Help


Here at Kays Accountants we enjoy dealing with your numbers. Of course, submitting your returns accurately and on time is an important HMRC requirement, however having a great accountant on board gives you so much more than that. We can produce accounts as often as you need and the numbers we put together can highlight some very important details about your business’s performance.


By using Kays Accountants to handle your accounts, you’ll be making sure that your accounts are on time and accurate, that your business is paying the right amount of tax and that you’re claiming back all the expenses you’re entitled to.

How we help Manchester businesses with their accounts


By tailoring our bookkeeping service to your needs, we can provide you with monthly, quarterly or annual support. It’s a HMRC requirement to keep your financial records up to date and businesses that fail to do so can be hit with big fines. It’s also important so that you can easily monitor your business’s performance.


By keeping track of money owed by customers, money owed to suppliers, your profitability and how much cash is available to you, you’ll benefit from conclusive and up to date information about these issues. Kays Accountants can help you have better control over your cashflow and more information to work with about your business.

Read more about our bookkeeping services in Manchester

If you need additional business support, get in touch with us today for your FREE initial consultation. Call Kays Accountants on 0161 280 2433, and talk to Brian, Susan or Michael. Alternatively, you can email us via info@www.kaysaccountants.uk and one of our team will make sure they get back to you quickly.
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