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Bookkeeping Manchester

Bookkeeping is essential for every Manchester business both as an HMRC requirement and also to ensure the business is running smoothly with profits maximised.




At Kays Accountants, we tailor our bookkeeping to the needs of each Manchester business and individual we deal with.


We are experts in helping small businesses, sole traders and freelancers, but also work with many larger businesses with complex bookkeeping requirements.


Bespoke Manchester Bookkeeping Service


Whether it is a monthly service you require, quarterly or even just an annual check of your bookkeeping, we can help you monitor your business’ performance and ensure your financial records are up to date, as required by HMRC.


Just as importantly, professional bookkeeping helps any business, sole trader or freelancer keep track of money going in and out including money owed to suppliers.


With information immediately available at any time, it is easier to get a true sense of profitability and to spot, address trends before they become causes for concern.


Ultimately, receiving professional help with bookkeeping helps you keep better control of your cashflow and means you have more information as you plan for the future.


Why Choose Kays as Your Bookkeepers?


Why, though, should you consider Kays Accountants for help with bookkeeping?


Based in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, we are a family-run accountancy business that has been helping local businesses for more than 20 years.


We offer a service that matches your needs, starting with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.


We work with businesses of all sizes, many of which are small businesses, sole traders and freelancers.


With businesses of this size, it can be hard for the business owner to both stay across the books and keep the core business in good order.


It is natural for the bookkeeping to be neglected at times, receipts and invoices perhaps kept in a drawer to be dealt with at a later date.


The business owner or freelancer might not be an expert in bookkeeping, accounts and the nuances of tax and VAT returns.


We, however, are experts and we will work with you to get all aspects of bookkeeping and accounts in good order.


Improved bookkeeping is also financially beneficial.


Help You Focus on What Matters Most


There is the reduced stress and time spent on trying to get your books in order and wondering whether all HMRC requirements are being met, allowing you to focus on your core business.


By helping with your bookkeeping – whether as an occasional service or ongoing process – we  can ensure you are only paying the tax you are obliged to pay and that you are claiming for everything you are entitled to.


Our small, friendly team are waiting to help you with your bookkeeping and all relevant elements of accountancy. We believe that working with an accountant should be a partnership, our job being to help your business run more smoothly and to ensure all books and accounts are working for you.


Please get in touch today – call 0161 280 2433 or use our Contact Form  – so we can discuss your bookkeeping needs.

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