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Payroll Services Manchester

payroll services manchester


We provide payroll services to businesses in Manchester, especially for small and medium enterprises. 


Get in touch to see how we can help you with your payroll needs.


Any business with employees in Manchester must submit payroll details to HMRC – at Kays Accountants we can ensure this is handled smoothly and so any risk of penalties or charges is avoided.


We work with businesses of all sizes across Manchester and the north west, but, as mentioned, specialise in smaller and medium sized businesses.


These are businesses where HMRC requirements, including payroll, carry a disproportionately high burden with the job of compliance and filing often falling on to employees who would be better used carrying out the business’ core operations.


It might be that the business owner finds that valuable time  is used simply keeping up with payroll, bookkeeping, VAT and other demands.


Accompanying this, there is the constant worry that an error could lead to a fine.


Tailored Service to Your Payroll Needs


We work by matching your specific requirements, whether that is paying staff weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


Our role can include providing your payslips and ensuring that all HMRC requirements are dealt with.


Of course, having payroll details in good order is not only important to stay compliant with HMRC, it is also vital to employees.


They will get paid in a consistent, efficient way and the greater organisation will also lead to improved transparency; it will be clear who has been paid, how much and when.


Why consider Kays Accountants for help with your payroll requirements?


Helping a business set up efficient payroll filing is a standard task for an accountancy practice.


There are many accountants in Manchester and the north west who are qualified to carry out the service.


Our selling point is  our quality of service.


At Kays Accountants, we are a family-run business that has been in operation for 20 years. We pride ourselves on working with clients to provide the services they need, to be approachable, answer all queries and remove all the stress of filing.


We Help Many Types of Manchester Businesses with Payroll


We work with freelancers, sole traders, small and medium businesses offering a complete range of services – as well as payroll we can help with tax, VAT, accounts, bookkeeping and, where relevant, construction industry returns.


With tax and VAT, using a quality accountant should more than pay for itself. We not only remove the stress of filing and the time it takes away from the core business, but also ensure that any business is only paying the tax it needs to.


We also have the expertise to check that you are claiming for everything you might be entitled to.


It might be that you only need help with payroll, or you might want a full suite of services from an accountant.


Whatever your needs, please get in touch. Based in Whitefield, Manchester, call us on 0161 280 2433 or use our Contact Form.


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