Small Business Accountants Manchester - Kays Accountants
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Your Small Business Accountant in Manchester

Welcome to Kays Accountants Manchester – we believe your best choice for small business accountants based in Manchester. We are a proud, family run, business looking after small and medium businesses across Greater Manchester and the North West of England. Kays Accountants have been helping local businesses and individuals for over twenty years. Covering various aspects of finance including:













Kays Accountants will provide you with a trustworthy and professional accounting service.

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Why Choose Kays Accountants Manchester?

Choosing an accountant in Manchester is a difficult and important decision for you. How do you know you’re getting a good one? Whether you’re an individual, sole trader or the owner of a small limited company, Kays Accountants are highly experienced. We are specialist accountants for small businesses in the Manchester area. And we’ll partner with you and go to great lengths to fully understand your requirements, making sure you get exactly what you need from our accounting service.

Where in Manchester are Kays Accountants based?

Located in Whitefield, near Manchester, we’re proud of our local roots and, on a daily basis, we enjoy helping North West and Manchester based small businesses and individuals. Our accountancy service is personalised and tailored to your specific needs. By working in partnership with you, Kays Accountants ensure that our accountancy services are both fit for purpose and cost effective.

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If you need additional business support, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. Call Kays Accountants on 0161 280 2433, and talk to Brian, Susan or Michael. Alternatively, you can email us via and one of our team will make sure they get back to you quickly.